The project documented a 26.7% energy cost savings through the energy model, resulting in 5 LEED points. It employed water use reduction methods that yielded water savings of 47.5%, earning both WEc3.1 and WEc3.2, as well as one Innovation and Design point. 25% of the project’s materials were manufactured, harvested and earned an exemplary performance point for EQc4.3: Low Emitting Materials, Carpet Systems. LEED Platinum certification and TIER 3 Design certification was achieved through green building strategies focused on reducing environmental impact, reducing energy consumption associated with the data center, and improving occupant comfort and satisfaction. 98% of the existing building's structure was reused, reducing the demand for new materials. Pieper O'Brien Herr Architects provided full architectural and interior design services for this 107,000-SF brown field data center designed to accommodate 72,000-SF of Tier II co-location white space at 200 watts per square foot. The data center is a high-reliability, high-density facility that provides comprehensive IT Infrastructure services – including managed hosting, colocation and a global, performance-optimized IP network, backed by a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement – to the area’s diverse range of enterprises.
103,000-SF brown field data center with an ultimate of 69,000-SF. of white space at 200 watts per foot. Utilizing air handling units with cooling towers to optimize efficiency with the medium air temperature of 85 degrees. 2.5MW generators in custom three generator enclosures to minimize site footprint. Certification was achieved with the use of natural daylight throughout more than 75% of the occupied spaces within the facility while a reflective roof membrane reduced cooling loads leading to a reduction in required energy usage for the building. From the use of recycled steel and environmentally friendly exposed polished concrete floors to low VOC paints, adhesives and sealants and certified wood products in all interior doors, trim, and millwork. A certain percentage of all the building's power is provided by green power sources. Pieper O’Brien Herr Architects provided full architectural and interior design services to Giant Eagle on this New 127,000-SF Market District retail grocery store specializing in organic food. This Market District store features a restaurant and offers Churrasco-style foods, a kosher deli, a smoothie bar, Crepe and Rosti bar, Candy Shop, Gelato Bar, Cooking School, Panini Station, Salad Station, and an on-site nutritionist located in the pharmacy which has a drive-through. This project incorporated many sustainable practices in its design and construction. From an energy conservation standpoint, we designed a geo-thermal heating/cooling system that takes advantage of the earth’s constant temperature below grade. By harvesting the nearly constant 60° F temperature in the upper 20ft of the Earth’s surface, this mechanical system design extracts this constant energy source through a geo-thermal pump system. These systems are among the most energy efficient technologies. This project incorporated many sustainable practices through several passive design techniques. This project incorporates passive sun shades on the south and west facades. These effectively block solar radiation but still allow natural day-lighting and views to the pedestrian commons through the large expansive glass windows. Our design also introduced natural daylight to the interior public spaces through the use of clerestory glazing, thereby reducing lighting requirements. A large percentage of the façade is a light reflective color further reducing cooling energy requirements. The facility was awarded an AIA Energy Design Award for the design of the state-of-the-art ice harvester system to meet air cooling needs. It is an ice-based system which stores ice, utilizing low cost off-peak electrical energy and then uses this stored energy as chilled water during peak demand periods.

LEED Certified Projects: