AT&T VOSS II Data Center

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Pieper O'Brien Herr Architects designed this unique, two-story data center for AT&T. The center was specifically designed for AT&T’s partner, VOSS, who provides the communications platform for enterprise collaboration. The Tier III+ facility is designed to withstand a 150-mph wind load, with the roofing system capable of resisting hurricane force winds. Designed in technology terms as an N + 1 facility, means that all critical systems are backed up by 1 level of redundancy of equipment in the event of failure. This facility is also unique in that it is designed for DC power in lieu of traditional AC power. Power enters the building as AC and is converted to DC through rectifiers. A DC power plant offers cleaner power, less line voltage loss, and the ability to not require a UPS system for the building.

EXT_ATT Voss I Aerial


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Tier III+ Facility
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