Carbon Health

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Carbon Health is a technology enabled, urgent care and general practice health care provider concept in expansion mode with 32 new clinics opened in 2020 and 60 additional clinics planned to open in 2021. Clinics are primarily located in Northern California and Southern California, with additional markets in Texas, Arizona, Florida, Ohio, and Southeast Pennsylvania.

Transformative technology enables this modern healthcare provider to put patient care first. Presented within inviting clinics, Carbon Health delivers a uniquely seamless experience for patients. Pieper O’Brien Herr Architects contributes to Carbon Health’s distinct ideology with designs that highlight their exceptional environment.

Thoughtfully chosen colors and textures compose a calm and centered space throughout the reception, circulation space, and the staff lounge. The wellness and exam rooms, fit to offer both urgent and primary care, prioritize the ability to offer efficient and excellent services.

The spaces were created to stand the test of time and ensure decades of serving patients. Carbon Health is currently becoming more accessible as locations continue to open across the United States, and Pieper O’Brien Herr Architects is dedicated to pursuing this goal alongside the Carbon Health team.



Interior Design
Graphic Design

Project Features
Reception / Check‐in / Waiting Area
Staff Hub
Circulation Space
Wellness / Exam Rooms
   (Primary and Urgent Care)
X‐Ray / IT & Electrical
Lab and Adjacent Restroom
Patient Restroom
Staff Lounge
Storage and Janitorial

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