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DC BLOX, an Atlanta-based provider of data centers, opened their newest data center facility in Huntsville, AL. The Phase I build out includes a 10,000-SF data center including 3,600-SF of office space with conference rooms, staging areas and hoteling space. The facility is expandable to a total of 46,000-SF of 7.5MW of critical IT power. 

Conceptual Design Model:

dcBLOX Huntsville_model

Pieper O'Brien Herr Architects is currently working on the Phase I of the flagship property in Birmingham, AL with an initial buildout of 20,000-SF to be completed in 2019. The facility is designed with expandability to 200,000-SF of data center space and 30MW of critical IT load.

Concept Sketch to Reality:


20,000 -SF

Interior Design
Graphic Design

Project Features
Dual transformers
N+1 generator backup
24-hour on site fuel storage
N+1 UPS Systems
Dual UPS feeds to all cabinets

CUI (Controlled Unclassified Information) standards
Perimeter fencing
24x7x365 manned security desk
Vehicle gate
Secure customer lockers
CCTV at perimeter, ingress/egress, office, data hall,
and cabinets

+1 Cooling
High efficiency Direct Expansion (DX)
Hot aisle containment


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