Eden Christian Academy

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Pieper O'Brien Herr Architects (POH) designed a new campus master plan for this private Christian Academy which will bring the entire student body to one central campus. From the outset, the master plan utilizes the natural terrain as an asset to the teaching environment.

Master Plan Concept Model:

Eden Christian Academy Original_Overall

The new academic building is designed for maximum flexibility to adapt as the school grows into the future. The entry features an all glass vestibule with decorative lighting that illuminates the roof canopy, steel structure and wooden cross. All together, these entry features convey the strength and purpose of Eden Christian Academy.

Concept Design Sketch:

ECA_3D View2.

The initial phase is shown with this exciting new dynamic learning atmosphere with special emphasis on multimedia access to each classroom.

Concept Model:

ECA_3D View - Level 02 - Sci Lab_1



Interior Design
Graphic Design
Master Planning

Project Features
Grand Entry & Overlook
Modern Classrooms
2nd Floor Science Suite
Cafeteria with outdoor space
Flexible Media Center
Expansive Windows
Spiritual Enrichment

Concept Design Sketches:



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