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Pieper O’Brien Herr Architects (POH) designed this new three-story building that connects to an existing four-story building known as Monarch Place. Family Pathways has operated in this building since April 2003 and is a nonprofit counseling provider that promotes wellness by restoring, sustaining and enhancing family relationships serving Butler County. The campus of Monarch Place consists of a 44,000 SF building on a 4.85-acre site. The new addition provides a Grand Hall Training and Event space, Children’s Activity Center, Strategic Planning Suite, Clinical Staff Suite with Library and numerous other spaces to best support the staff as it supports the community. The building addition is expressive in its positioning to downtown, the bridge, rail line and river. A commissioned custom copper metal butterfly artwork floats over the main entryway. The facility is transformative and connects the staff with the patrons through a variety of spaces including a butterfly garden, secure outdoor children’s patio, indoor classrooms and the Grand Hall featuring stylish light fixtures and a welcoming fire place area.

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POH designed the new addition for Family Pathways using the client’s guiding principles to restore, sustain, and enhance relationships while promoting wellness. This center provides hope for families, children and community members who may need assistance with outpatient therapy and mental health services. The facility was designed to provide a sense of home and happiness through the use of colors and textures woven into each space. Throughout the addition, we designed cozy corners for visitors to gather and relax. POH created a modernized space with traces of the original building that would embrace the test of time. Copper ceiling tiles and antiques unite the past and present to honor the aesthetics of the train that formerly ran through this property. The new addition not only opens more space to accommodate 70+ employees, but also their ever-growing clientele in Western Pennsylvania.



Project Features
3 Story Expansion
Children's Area
Break Out & Meeting Areas
Faculty Office Space
Rooftop Balcony

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