FBI Columbia Field Office

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Pieper O’Brien Herr Architects designed a modern office composition, reinforced through materials and color, to establish a strong presence. The state-of-the-art facility uses stone, zinc metal panels, and concrete to provide unsurpassed character and durability to the Class A office building.

Concept Design Model:
building only-1

Bold zinc metal elements from the exterior reveal themselves in the lobby as a dramatic gesture on the interior. The Visitor lobby entrance is a 2-story volume featuring the Hall of Honor.

Concept Design Model:
building only-2

The long slender office building with nearly continuous windows provide daylight to the interior. Sunshades on the southern face to temper direct sunlight. Column free office space provides efficient interior layout.

The interior design, finishes and furniture support the clean modern, open office environment that is expected. The fitness facility is clean, modern, and inspiring.


Interior Design
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Project Features
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Axon View:

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