Inhibitex Biotechnology Building

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Pieper O’Brien Herr Architects designed the shell and core for this laboratory building for Inhibitex. The 2-story building is situated to create a pharmaceutical campus. Inhibitex, a biopharmaceutical company, performs laboratory research on the prevention and treatment of serious bacterial and fungal infections in the hospital setting. Each building provides a unique identity, while blending into the unified campus feel. 

Design Sketch:

G-INHIBITEX-elev_scheme final_1-30-04

The project is a public-private partnership with Inhibitex, the Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the Georgia Research Alliance, which was created by a group of Georgia business leaders to turn university biotech research into economic growth for the state.

Concept Rendering:

2EXT_Inhibitex Ext 3_drawing


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