Kubota Loader Facility

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Pieper O’Brien Herr Architects designed a new facility to support industrial equipment manufacturing from raw materials through assembly to outbound shipments of finished products. Efficiency, flexibility, streamlined processing, and optimized workflow were key factors in the design process.

The modern facility is designed around a fleet of robot welders and an environmentally friendly painting process. A load-bearing insulated precast concrete skin assists with a fully conditioned facility to improve worker well-being. Skylights and clerestory windows emphasize natural daylight.

The management office is clad in modern metal panels. The interior is configured in an open work environment to foster employee collaboration and communication. A modern café is a feature, offering a relaxed and casual space for employees to connect and collaborate. The café is designed with a covered outdoor patio with comfortable seating and lush greenery. A flexible training room prioritizes continuous learning and development. The space was designed with movable furniture, advanced technology, and versatile layouts to accommodate different training needs.

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Interior Design
Graphic Design

Project Features
Management Office
Flexible Training Room
Enviornmentally Friendly Paint Process
Robot Welders
Modern Café
Direct Worker Circulation
Open Work Enviornment
Outdoor Patio