Lanier Techncial College Interiors

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Pieper O'Brien Herr Architects went against the convention of the time and master-planned a multi-building campus with distinct and separate zones for pedestrians and cars. The traditional tech school model was a single large building set in the middle of a parking field. POH created a memorable design that welcomes new visitors and has a unique collegiate identity.

The divergent, school offered, programs also suggested a two-building solution. A pedestrian campus quad, bounded by the school buildings, left open the ability of a future third building to participating in the campus.

A high-tech aesthetic was developed by expressing the structural elements and celebrating the composition of massing.  Natural daylight is part of nearly every interior space. The learning environments were designed to be flexible as programs change over time.


Interior Design

Project Features
Lab Design
Sustainable Design Features
EMT Training
Nursing Assistant
Computer Programming
Electronic Technology
Telecommunications Technology
Media Center / Library
Marketing Management
Print and Graphics Technology
Automated Manufacturing
Industrial Maintenance Technology
Machine Tool Technology
General Teaching Environments
Student Admissions
Administrative Spaces
Student Lounge

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