University of Georgia Poultry Diagnostic Research Center

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The original Poultry Diagnostic Research Center (PDRC), built in 1958, needed to be renovated and expanded.  Pieper O’Brien Herr Architects designed a 2-story addition that would not only facilitate the research being done today, but also be flexible enough to accommodate the research activities for generations to come. 

PDRC_before and after_1

Natural daylight is provided to every space in the building in unexpected ways. Clerestory windows and floor to floor corner glass windows provide each lab module with ample daylight.  A stylized chicken figure keeps watch over the new entrance into the 2-story lobby.

The laboratory spaces include research laboratories (such as bacteriology, virology, mycobiology, and pathology), necropsy laboratory, isolation laboratory, media preparatory/centrifuge rooms, environmental cold and warm rooms, dry/freezer storage rooms, lounge, and locker room. The Center’s teaching function includes graduate curricula in avian medicine for both professional veterinary and avian science research students on both the masters and doctoral levels.

Design Model View:


8,500-SF original building
2,400-SF detached Post-Mortem Laboratory

Interior Design
Graphic Design

Project Features
Lab Design
12 Research Laboratories
Instructional Classrooms
Faculty and Departmental Offices
Conference Rooms

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